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Affordable Pressure Washing Service From $2.9/sqm

Affordable Pressure Washing Melbourne provides you with residential pressure washing and commercial pressure washing services with high standards and personalized services to help you improve and add value to your property by looking better, clean and reduce the risk of allergies and drastically lower the chances to get further property damages.

We pressure wash any size you need, from small patios, decks and driveways to large commercial concrete car parks including most exteriors types of surfaces and we are able to schedule our jobs to suit your needs. That include working at night if you need a large car park cleaned at no extra charge. 

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Affordable Pressure Washing Melbourne will do the hard work for you by using our powerful jet wash machine equipment up to 4800 PSI to remove mould, mildew, moss, embedded dirt and much more. 

For more delicate surface we also offer soft washing pressure cleaning melbourne which is also used to clean up once the job is completed leaving all side walls and fences clean.



Affordable Pressure Washing Melbourne is helping hundreds of real estate agents to make their client’s home look better and increase their resale value and sell or rent it faster and also helping commercial businesses across Melbourne look clean, organized and professional. 

We offer very affordable rates with prices starting from $2.9/sqm (all included) and with extra discounts available for yearly recurring washing. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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Make your exterior property sparkling clean and impress family & friends. Increase the chances to rent or sell your property faster. 


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Cleaning outdoor areas is essential to always make a strong first impression and look professional.

No jobs are too big or too small

Available 24/7 for Industrial & Commercial

Pressure Washing Melbourne Pricing

2022 pricing updated valid for concrete/deck/paving surfaces in commercial and residential properties 24/7

Area in SQM

Cost per SQM

0 - 24 sqm


25 - 50 sqm

$ 4.5

51 - 150 sqm


151 - 400 sqm


401 sqm and up